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Welcome to Xinxiang Xinkeli Power Co., Ltd., the leading China alkaline battery distributor.  We specialize in developing and providing top-quality alkaline batteries to global customers.

From industrial instruments to household gadgets, batteries are everywhere, amplifying the need for highly efficient Bulk alkaline batteries and we are here to serve your needs. As the top Alkaline battery exporter, you can trust us to deliver you quality integrated batteries with minimum lead time. Unlike the other Alkaline Battery Manufacturer, who offer batteries that last for an only limited time, we have engineered innovative solutions for high speed and longer life.

At Xinkeli Power we ensure the production of the best Bulk Alkaline Battery with the help of a dedicated quality control team that is integrated into the process from start to delivery. Our batteries have a long life and can be easily installed on all gadgets. If you wish to source the best wholesale alkaline battery China then look no further! We can furnish all your needs at affordable rates and with low MOQ. 


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What's the difference between alkaline and zinc batteries?

Dec 27,2021

Choosing which battery to use for various appliances has always been a challenge. In low-drain equipment like a TV remote control or a clock, which batteries should you use? What are the best ones for your phone? If you're ever unsure about the difference between zinc and alkaline batteries, this is the place to go. Here's a quick rundown of what's going on. The type of electrolyte utilized in both zinc and alkaline batteries is the fundamental distinction between them. Ammonium chloride makes up the majority of zinc batteries, while potassium hydroxide makes up the majority of alkaline batteries. Zinc-carbon batteries: A zinc-carbon battery is a main dry cell battery that generates electricity through an electrochemical interaction between zinc and manganese dioxide. The zinc batteries are created with simple technology that is both modern and reliable. Zinc batteries are not only of good quality, but they are also inexpensive. In fact, these batteries are cost-effective for low-drain devices due to the low energy consumption of zinc per hour. Alkaline Batteries: The alkaline batteries have a higher energy density and a longer shelf life. These batteries are made with anti-leak capabilities to ensure that they are not destroyed. The alkaline varieties have a higher energy density and a longer shelf life. Anti-leak protection is included, ensuring that the appliance is not readily harmed. In high-drain devices, the alkaline cells have a strong formula that is employed for greater power and for a longer amount of time. Comparison Between Zinc and Alkaline Batteries: Acidic usage: Zinc batteries employ an acidic electrolyte. A basic electrolyte is utilized in alkaline batteries. Capacity: Zinc batteries have a substantially lower capacity than lead batteries. The capacity of alkaline batteries is higher. Shelf life: Zinc batteries have a shorter shelf life than lead batteries. When opposed to zinc batteries, alkaline batteries have a longer shelf life. Component: The zinc battery's anode, which is one of its most important components, is the can. Zinc powder is used in alkaline batteries, and it is also contained within the container. Leakages: Zinc batteries have a tendency to leak. Alkaline batteries are designed with anti-leak technology to ensure that they do not leak. Alkaline-based appliances You should use alkaline batteries for gadgets like toothbrushes, toys, and gaming controllers because they have greater energy than zinc batteries. Zinc-related appliances These batteries offer a dependable source of energy for low-energy gadgets. Zinc batteries should be used in gadgets such as television remote controls, clocks, smoke detectors, and torches due to their low energy consumption. Frequent Users of Battery Are you a frequent consumer of batteries? Then the AA alkaline battery China from Xinkeli is perfect for you. Use these batteries in items such as torches, toothbrushes, computer mice, and remote controls, among other things.

How do we make Alkaline batteries?

Dec 6,2021

Alkaline batteries were first introduced publicly in the 1960s. Of course, like any other product, it took some time for the world to get accustomed to these amazing batteries but now you can find them everywhere! From remote controls to holiday lights and toys, Alkaline batteries are everywhere! You can take a look around and you will find these batteries in various wireless devices. Whether you want disposable batteries or rechargeable ones, get your needs served with us. The basic structure of our alkaline batteries Alkaline batteries have a simple structure. There is a cathode, anode, and some chemicals in between to make the electric charge that you need. To further break it down, here is how we have designed our batteries: Anode:  the anodes are usually made out of Zinc Cathode: the cathodes are made with manganese. Separator: we use an ion-conducting separator which is properly socked any alkaline electrolyte. Case: the battery has a metallic case along with the positive terminal. Collector pin: the collector pin of the battery is connected to the negative terminal. Gasket: Separating the negative terminal from the case is very important and the gasket is used to do the job. To stop the batteries from blowing up, it usually has a small vent to release the buildup caused by any malfunctioning. Sizes of Alkaline Batteries: Xinkeli Power as the leading China wholesale alkaline battery manufacturers present a vast range of battery sizes, that includes:          AA Cells AAA Cells Button Cells Compared to other batteries, our alkaline batteries offer a higher voltage. When it comes to providing backup power, Alkaline batteries from Xinkeli power take the crown. Popular Application: With a long shelf life and a great performance ratio, our alkaline batteries have found numerous application scopes! These batteries are used when a manufacturer wishes to ship a product with ‘batteries included. They are also very popular backup power sources. Commonly alkaline are definitely a popular choice as they are quite affordable and have a longer life span.

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Why Buy Bulk Alkaline Battery from Xinkeli Power?

The answer is simple: innovation, excellent quality, longer life, high efficiency, and incredible customer service. We keep all these values close to our hearts and ensure their integration in all our processes.

Xinkeli Power is the premium alkaline battery manufacturer that has achieved the highest customer retention rate. We are proud to have a long list of satisfied customers from all over the world. Here you can expect to get high-capacity bulk alkaline battery in different sizes. These batteries are ready to be installed directly into the gadgets or can be stored for years without going bad.

As the top China alkaline battery distributor, our quality and rates are unmatched. We can offer our clients a wide range of sizes in dry batteries for different applications. With advanced manufacturing and product technologies, we have one of the broadest lines of wholesale Alkaline batteries in the world. These batteries are carefully designed to meet multiple market needs and are usable for both consumers and commercial power applications. We are proud to be known as the best China alkaline battery distributor and thus understand our corporate social responsibility thoroughly. 

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Xinkeli power is the only Alkaline Battery Manufacturer that offers the lowest rates and highest efficiency worldwide. As the top wholesale Alkaline battery exporter, we have advanced machines that produce top-quality batteries to serve our huge client base. Alkaline batteries have been around for quite many years, there are high power, reliable, and inexpensive batteries that have application scope all over the world.

Every year, we sell about 500 million pieces of alkaline batteries worldwide, which makes us the highest-selling Alkaline Battery suppliers. We are able to deliver the best rates as a result of the involvement of the Kaizen system in production, which means continuous improvement and growth.

The world is fast shifting from carbon-zinc batteries to eco-friendly Wholesale Alkaline Battery because of their longer life span, reliability, and versatility. We do not only promise to offer you the best deals on Bulk alkaline battery but we also ensure on-time delivery of products. We try every inch hard to satisfy our customers. We are looking forward to having a long-term business relationship with you!